Monday, April 3

Course Registration Support

Course Registration Support 6am

Computers and staff will be available at Mabee to support students who need or want assistance with course registration. Students should come during their...

Mabee Student Success Center, 100 Lobby  
Camp Cho-Yeh Summer Recruiting

Camp Cho-Yeh Summer Recruiting 10am

Camp Cho-Yeh Summer Recruiting, Monday, April 3, 10:00am-2:00pm, in Bawcom Student Union lobby.

Bawcom Student Union, 1000 A Lobby (near doors, 1 table max)  
Impact Dancers Philanthropy Event

Impact Dancers Philanthropy Event 11am

Impact Dancers are making a thank-you poster for a local church that provides lunch for students. Come by and add your name!

Bawcom Student Union, 1000 Lobby (under stairs, 1 table max)  
Children's Ministries

Children's Ministries 4:15pm

We share the love of Christ with the kids at Montrose Apartments. As you build relationships with the kids by playing games, sharing bible stories, and...

Baptist Student Ministries, BSM Lobby  

Monday, April 3