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Back 2 School Bash

Back 2 School Bash 8/25 7:00pm

Join CAB for our annual Back 2 School Bash at Summer Fun Waterpark. The whole park is ours, you just need to bring your Cru Card to get in. For more...

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Israel Alvarado

Israel Alvarado left a positive review 4/11/2016

I enjoyed everything about it. I would attend again!!

Jackson Godoy

Jackson Godoy left a positive review 8/26/2015

It was pretty fun. Definitely worth the free admission.

Brandon Srubar

Brandon Srubar left a positive review 11/9/2014

I thought this was a very pleasant way to spend the evening. It was nice to recognize some classmates and friends in the choir and I enjoyed the range of music.

Seth Michaelson

Seth Michaelson left a positive review 8/27/2014

I loved it!

Sarah Sanchez

Sarah Sanchez left a positive review 11/9/2014

Really enjoyed it!

Celeste Rose

Celeste Rose left a positive review 9/29/2014

Absolutely loved it!

Katelyn Kretzer

Katelyn Kretzer left a positive review 8/27/2014

It was a blast! It was a great escape from school for the night.

Kevin Weck

Kevin Weck left a positive review 4/21/2014

The entire endeavor was awesome.

Vishnu Deep Reddy Kadigari

Vishnu Deep Reddy Kadigari left a positive review 1/15/2014

such an amazing movie. was a fun filled night.

Mounik Reddy Guda

Mounik Reddy Guda left a positive review 1/15/2014


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