Bawcom Student Union

Bawcom Student Union focuses first and foremost on student engagement in the campus community. It offers a residential dining hall, retail dining venues including Chick-fil-a Express, a campus store, recreation and gathering spaces for students, and the McLane Great Hall, a multi-functional space big enough to accommodate large groups and events.

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Student Life

Upcoming Events

Camp Cho-Yeh recruiting

Camp Cho-Yeh will be in the Bawcom Student Union recruiting for summer camp jobs.

9/23 10am
Heart for the Nations

A community of students with a heart for the nations meets to pray and discuss the nations together!

9/23 6pm
CAB Meeting

Bring your ideas and join CAB in planning fun and exciting events for students.

9/23 8:30pm
Authentic 33 Manhood
9/24 9:30am

Recent Events

Tailgate Show


Recent Activity

Holly Hernandez

Holly Hernandez left a positive review 9/16/2019

Had a wonderful time enjoying the festivities and eating delicious food. Absolutely would attend again!

Michael Muslovski

Michael Muslovski left a review 9/9/2019

It would have been nice if there were spaces to hold on-the-spot, initial interviews. I applied for one of the jobs online and got emailed to come in for an interview but it turned out that I was basically a brand new applicants applying for the first time there was no distinction for the fact that I had already spoken with the manager and the recruiter.

Kimberley Smith

Kimberley Smith left a positive review 5/9/2019

The pinning ceremony was personable and so encouraging. Thank you to all for affirming the students and blessing them in this manner!

Holly Hernandez

Holly Hernandez left a positive review 4/15/2019

Selena Quintanilla Night was absolutely beautiful. It was fun and provided great information regarding the life and legacy of Selena.

Brooke Bordic

Brooke Bordic left a review 11/29/2018

It was a come and go, nice kind of experience. However, it would be better if some gluten free cookies were also provided.

Alyssa Silva

Alyssa Silva left a positive review 4/10/2018

It was highly insightful!

Kisha Hornung

Kisha Hornung left a review 3/6/2018

Most of the vendors were from churches. I understand that UMHB is a Christ based school, but there are so many NGOs that could have been included. The people were really not there to hire. They seemed to be only interested in sharing information about their entity. Many were looking for volunteers for internships. I will not say it was a waste of time but it did not lead to one conversation about employment for me nor did I have an opportunity to give anyone a resume. The bones are there, but a lot could be added to the event.

Romona Thompson

Romona Thompson left a positive review 2/27/2018

This institution needs more of these and I feel like administration and faculty should be more involved. I also feel at least once or twice a semester and including more of the student body. Like include candidates that are running for SGA.

Rebekah Brown

Rebekah Brown left a review 2/26/2018

I wish there would have been more mission-based not-for-profits!

Elizabeth Saunders

Elizabeth Saunders left a positive review 9/23/2017

My family loved it