Wednesday, October 23

Rise & Shine Yoga

This yoga class will use a combination of various poses and movements to strengthen your core, as well as over-all muscle strength, flexibility, and balance....

Chapel - Kori Yates

Kori is the Founder and Director of Planting Roots (, an organization by and for military women, encouraging, equipping and challenging...

Four Texas Women Printmakers

Annalise Natasha Grotovich, Liz Hermanson, Tess Doyle, and Polly Morwood are talented women printmakers currently living in Texas. They offer a variety of...

AMA Scare Walk - Sales

Come get your tickets for the 5th Annual Scare Walk!

Camp Tejas

Camp Tejas will be in the Bawcom Student Union recruiting for summer camp jobs.

Denver Rescue Mission recruiting

Denver Rescue Mission will be in the Bawcom Student Union recruiting for summer opportunities.

Ralph Wilson Youth Club recruiting

Ralph Wilson Youth Club will be in Bawcom Student Union recruiting for summer camp jobs.

Zombie Sign Up - RA Event

Students sign up to participate in the Zombie Apocalypse

Power-Cut (Cru-FIT Class)

Using a variety of dumbbells, barbells and other equipment, your instructor will take you through an inspiring class that will target muscle strengthening...

Visiting Visual Artists: Alison Hearst, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Alison Hearst, Associate Curator at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth will present a lecture about the process of finding and working with contemporary artists...

Cru-FIT Yoga

Beginner to intermediate yoga poses, flows and breathing are taught to increase strength, flexibility and balance. This class is also a great stress reducer!...

Zumba Fitness!

Ditch the workout, join the party! Burn calories and tone up! Dance fitness with Latin inspired and American pop music. Latin, hip hop and fitness moves...


C-Life is Temple Bible Church College Ministry

Wednesday, October 23