Tuesday, November 17

Rise & Shine Yoga (Cru-FIT class)

Wake up and be your best self. Increase strength, flexibility and balance with a gentle, yet strong morning practice. Register up to 48 hours in advance on...

Cru-FIT Barre

This Cru-FIT class combines ballet-type moves with Pilates and yoga postures to give you a great overall body workout. Register up to 48 hours in advance on...

Speech Cru Show Case (SCSC)

The UMHB Speech Cru, our competitive intercollegiate speech team, will present some of our award-winning presentations.

The Gathering - Week 12

The Gathering is a weekly time of worship and fellowship held by the BSM. Join us on Tuesdays at 7:30pm to learn about opportunities to GROW, GIVE, and GO.

Tuesday, November 17