Tuesday, August 25

Rise & Shine Yoga (Cru-FIT class)

Wake up and be your best self. Increase strength, flexibility and balance with a gentle, yet strong morning practice. Register up to 48 hours in advance on...

SI Sessions

Supplemental Instruction Group is a group driven academic resource specific to course sections.

Cru-FIT Barre

This Cru-FIT class combines ballet-type moves with Pilates and yoga postures to give you a great overall body workout. Register up to 48 hours in advance on...

CAB Interest Meeting

The Campus Activities Board is an organization that has a blast putting on events for the student body! We welcome anyone who is looking to have fun and get...

The Gathering - Week 2

The Gathering is a weekly time of worship and fellowship held by the BSM. Join us on Tuesdays at 7:30pm to learn about opportunities to GROW, GIVE, and GO.

Tuesday, August 25