Thursday, October 14

Constructed Mysteries

Traveling exhibit offering a conversation through artwork and interviews about the ways in which spiritual practice and artistic practice intersect....

Career Services

Career Services will be in Bawcom promoting the Essential for Young Professionals Dinner.

Mentor Belton

Career Services will be in Bawcom Student Union recruiting for Mentor Belton.

Delight Ministries

Delight Ministries is a women's group open to ladies at UMHB. We meet Thursdays at 7PM for worship, Bible study and friendship.


A bible study that gives men a vision for manhood. Includes insightful teaching and inspiring testimonies. Sets men up to live lives of truth, passion and...

Live on King Street

Join us for a laid back hangout on King Street. You'll get the chance to hear some great music from our very own UMHB students!

Thursday, October 14